Book Fair 2019



Book Fair will​ open from Monday 11th until Friday 15th November

This will be our last Scholastic event for the year. As it is a short and busy term we will won't be doing Book Club, but there will plenty of great books available for purchase at the Book Fair! The leaflet has previously been sent home, however if you have misplaced it we have some extra on the office counter. Or just scroll down and see the picture attached. Book Fair is a great way for your children to start or add to their own book collection. Thank you for supporting your school and your child's love of reading! ​

We will be running a couple of competitions during Book Fair as well. "Guess how many dinosaurs are in the jar" and a "Colouring in competition"  You can pick up colouring in from the library and these need to be handed in by the end of next week while the Fair is on. ​