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​Enrolment Policy

St. Brigid's is a vibrant Catholic learning community where every child is known by name and respected as an individual.
Our school mission statement articulates the priority we place on our students within the provision of a happy, secure learning environment where we aim to establish in "each child skills, attitudes and knowledge so that they can contribute in positive ways to an interdependent world".

St Brigid's Catholic School Mission Statement

Policy Statement
St. Brigid's Catholic Primary School was established in 1922 to provide Catholic primary school education to members of the local Catholic Parish.
Today, while the school maintains this priority, it is open to the provision of a quality education to any child whose family is supportive of the school's mission, depending on the child's specific needs and readiness and the availability of places at the school, consistent with the criteria for enrolment outlined below. The final decision regarding an enrolment rests with the school principal in consultation with Brisbane Catholic Education.
St. Brigid's operates within the St. Brigid's Catholic Parish and is administered through Brisbane Catholic Education. When enrolling their child at St. Brigid's, parents will also need to be aware of the policies and procedures of Brisbane Catholic Education with respect to Enrolment of Children with Special Needs. (Brisbane Catholic Education Policies: 200.1; 200.2; 205.1; 206)


In January 2007, the Queensland Government introduced a Preparatory Year as part of school education. Concurrent with this introduction are changes to the compulsory school starting age, which increased by six months. Children enrolling in Prep must have turned five by 30 June in the year they commence Prep.
If the number of children for whom places are being sought exceeds the current BCE Guidelines for the appropriate class level, preference will be accorded in order of the following criteria:
  1. Siblings of students attending St. Brigid's School
  2. Children of members of St. Brigid's Catholic Parish
  3. Catholic children from local area whose parents do not identify as members of this parish
  4. Catholic children from beyond the local areas whose parents have a valid reason for bypassing their local Catholic school
  5. Non-Catholic children from the local community
  6. Non-Catholic children from beyond the local community
Special Needs Enrolment Policy needs to be followed when a child displays special needs indicators or has a history of learning and/or behavioural needs.
Please note: where the final available place cannot be determined by the above criteria, the additional priority of date of receipt of application shall be used. e.g. if the final place could go to any one of three children under criteria 3, the child whose application was received first shall be given the position.
Once all places have been filled, a waiting list shall be created. If and when further places become available, order of priority will be given according to the above criteria.


  1. Application for enrolment is made by completing and submitting an Application for Enrolment form, available on request from the school office or downloadable from our website.
  2. Where this application is for a place in years 2-7, the principal will arrange an interview with the parents concerned to determine the child's needs and to outline the school's mission and program and to ascertain the availability of a place.
  3. Each year in May or June parents who have applied for a prep position for their child for the following year will be sent a letter inviting them to arrange an interview with the principal to determine the child's needs and readiness and to outline the school's mission and program.
  4. Once all interviews are complete letters of offer will be forwarded to parents.