​Please keep an eye on the newsletter for specials and unavailable ​​items. ​

Also a reminder that ice blocks are only available at first break.

Any questions at all please come and see the tuckshop. ​

We would really like some volunteers. Please come see me on Thursday if you are able to help. ​

Reminder: Please don't staple lunch order bags closed or together

Banking Day is Thursday!

Thanks Debbie

Tuckshop Menu.PNG

Please bring orders to the tuckshop Thursday morning. ​
Please write your orders on a brown paper bag. One bag for each lunch ordered. Place payment inside bag. 
PLEASE, could each order be written on a separate PAPER BAG. It is takes up to an hour and a half of the volunteers time writing out peoples orders, if they are sent in​ on pieces of paper or plastic bags. Thank you for your help.

 lunch orders.png


For further information please see Tuckshop Information Sheet below.

Tuckshop Information Sheet.pdfTuckshop Information Sheet