​Students must be presented in a neat and tidy manner and attract no undue attention to themselves. Please ensure all uniform items are clearly and permanently named. Parents are urged to inspect the correct school uniform at the uniform shop before purchasing uniforms.

Please see details and photos (currently being updated) of correct school uniform below.

Uniform Shop Price List​​

All students are to be well presented in school uniform. Shirts are to be worn tucked in and neat at all times. Parents, please note this when purchasing, so that your child's shirt is long enough.


  • Must be neat and tidy and attract no undue attention. (Principal's discretion)
  • Children with collar length hair must wear their hair tied back with bottle green or uniform check ribbons/scrunchies. Hair elastics to be bottle green, black or white.
  • Headbands to be bottle green only.


  • Must be religious and of the Christian tradition: e.g. small crucifix on a thin chain worn under their dress or shirt
  • Sleepers or studs only in ears.
  • One signet ring and watches are allowed
  • No Nail Polish.


  • Black joggers with white ankle socks, correct socks available from uniform shop.
  • Students may change into clothing suited to the sports activity in which they are participating. They must however, change back into school uniform before returning to class or leaving the school grounds.
  • At times there are valid reasons why students are not in the complete uniform. Parents should send a note to school with their child explaining these reasons.


All Uniform requirements, apart from shoes, are available at the P&F Uniform Shop.

Year 6 Shirt

The Year 6 class may wear in place of the sports shirt, a commemorative polo shirt. This shirt must be loyal to the school colours and the design approved through a majority vote by each of these stakeholders: Year 6 Teacher/Class, the School Board and Principal.